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We invite all ordained clergy to join with us. Our purpose is service, comfort and empathy to those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Our message is simple. We treat you and your family as human beings, not as sinners being punished by this disease. We also invite all to share your ideas with us for making life with and after cancer (because we know there is life after cancer) better, more joyous, more loving, and more compassionate.

Clergy Fighting Cancer is a non-profit organization of ordained clergy from numerous religious denominations, interfaith, interspiritual, and independent organizations, united to provide positive physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural support to cancer patients, survivors and their families. 
We offer our prayers, blessings, sacramental and other services and meditations to those who have passed from this disease. Clergy Fighting Cancer is sponsored by the Order of Comforters, Universal Anglican Church, a radically inclusive, contemporary, post-denominational, interspiritual church.